On Ouisconsin:
An Illustrated Historical Catalogue

15-drawer catalogue

The entire fake history of Ouisconsin is housed in these 15 drawers. The original contents are reproduced in their entirety for this online version.

History is memory, which means that it can be molded by observers’ prejudices and politics. Fake history is the flip side of fake news.

One way to challenge the assertion that “only (I/we) know the truth of what happened” is to deliberately distort historical fact. Skewering history forces us to question claims about the real world. Inventing historical facts or stretching them to absurd degrees reveals how easily history can be corrupted.

On Ouisconsin: An Illustrated Historical Catalogue contains brief highlights of an alternate history of our beloved state. My hope for this fond but irreverent “re-imagining” is to stimulate a search for more accurate depictions of historical truth.

Table of Contents

Drawer One: Paleo-Pioneers
Drawer Two:
Drawer Three:
Famous Ouisconsinites
Drawer Four:
Disavowed Ouisconsinites
Drawer 5: State Secrets

Drawer 6: Official Symbols
Drawer 7: Tourist Attractions
Drawer 8: Beer
Drawer 9: Inventions
Drawer 10: State Slogans
Drawer 11: State Firsts
Drawer 12: Agriculture
Drawer 13: Popular Culture Drawer 14: Ouisconsin Saga
Drawer Fifteen:
Trivi-Addendum, further information